the basics of online marketing for your businessthe basics of online marketing for your business

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the basics of online marketing for your business

Do you have a small business that you are trying to grow? Have you researched all of the marketing tactics that you could try? What have you done as far as online marketing is concerned? One of the most effective marketing tactics is the use of an online marketing campaign. Think about it - when you are looking for a service or product, where do you go first? Chances are, you turn to the internet for help. You can learn more about online marketing, how it can help your business grow and how to get started by visiting my website.

3 Tips For A Better User Experience On Mobile Devices

Ranking your website on search engines, especially Google, not only involves tactics geared toward improving user experience on computers, but also user experience on mobile devices. Since a large portion of website traffic comes from mobile devices, it is important to focus your efforts on this segment of your audience.

Improve Your Content

What is considered good content on a computer may not translate well onto the mobile platform. For example, it may be easy for your audience to read a lengthy, relevant piece on the computer, but the same piece will be off-putting on a mobile device. You may need to restructure your content to pack as much information as possible in fewer words. Use bullet-points, summaries, and lists to condense information. This can help you maintain engagement when the content is viewed via mobile, while making sure your audience leaves with the same quality of information.

Consider Digital Assistants

With digital assistants redefining the way people search from their mobile devices, you need to make sure your content works for the way people ask questions when typing and when they search verbally. When people search by typing into a search engine, they typically do not phrase their search in the form of a question and may simply enter a keyword. In contrast, when using a digital assistant, people are more likely to ask a question or phase their search in a complete sentence. When you are producing content for your website, which includes static pages, make sure you are phrasing information to capture both types of searches. Although it is not guaranteed, you have a better chance of appearing in search engine results regardless of the way people are searching.

Focus On Load Times

Although speed matters for both computers and mobile devices, mobile viewers are less forgiving when it comes to slower load times. Furthermore, search engines tend to favor websites that have faster load times, thereby giving the audience a better experience. Part of your load time will depend on your web hosting. In the earlier stages of your website, shared hosting is acceptable, but as your audience grows, you will likely find you need a dedicated server to keep up.

Keep the number of pictures, video, and graphic to a minimum on the mobile version of your website. Since mobile devices often do not have the graphics capabilities and processing speeds of a computer, these bells-and-whistles become more of an annoyance on mobile. If part of your business includes videos or other processing-heavy content, have a dedicated page for this information or include direct links to this content so only people who want to watch videos or listen to audio at that time will be affected by the potentially slower loading.

Mobile viewers are a large segment of your audience, which requires you to pay special attention to their needs. Addressing the user experience of people on mobile devices will help you keep people engaged no matter the device they use. To learn more, contact a digital marketing services company.