the basics of online marketing for your businessthe basics of online marketing for your business

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the basics of online marketing for your business

Do you have a small business that you are trying to grow? Have you researched all of the marketing tactics that you could try? What have you done as far as online marketing is concerned? One of the most effective marketing tactics is the use of an online marketing campaign. Think about it - when you are looking for a service or product, where do you go first? Chances are, you turn to the internet for help. You can learn more about online marketing, how it can help your business grow and how to get started by visiting my website.

Why You Should Consider A Call Center Job

The job market has had its ups and downs in recent years and many fields simply have not bounced back to former levels of employment. It might be time to consider a change in career fields, and you might not have thought of applying to a call center. Why should you consider a call center job? Here are a few good reasons a telemarketing job might be the right choice for you.

More Openings in Call Centers

There was a trend during the 1990s where many call center jobs were outsourced overseas due to the lower cost of living. Since the mid-2000s however, companies have begun bringing these positions back to US soil. The opinion of the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that they expect these jobs to increase as much as 38% by 2022. This growth ultimately means there are more openings in call centers than ever before.

Future Earnings Tend to be Higher than Retail

Many entry-level workers or those used to the service and retail sectors might not consider a call center position because they believe it's too much work for not enough pay. Consider this: entry-level call center positions tend to average about $11-$15 ($30,070 a year) an hour nationally. If you take a peek at retail positions, the average starting salary is about $8-$14 an hour.

Depending on the type of call center position you get – outbound, cold calls or existing inbound customer calls, the pay will rise according to the difficulty of the job. It is possible once you move your way up the ladder to supervisor, that you could average approximately $72,555 a year.

Career Advancement

It is true that call centers do have a high turnover rate, mostly due to their fast-paced environment and high pressure work. Typically, if a person is not cut out for this type of work, they will learn this very quickly and will leave the job. However, if you are one who is able to do well in this environment, chances are you will advance up the ladder.

It is very possible that if you perform well in your job and have a high customer satisfaction rating, you will get promoted. The skills gained at a call center can also help you transfer to another field of work that demands total focus and the ability to deal with high pressure situations.

Develop Skills and Experience

Working in a call center definitely helps to develop certain skills such as communicating effectively with customers, sales techniques, troubleshooting problems and even multitasking. It can help train someone with no work experience in how to deal with people who may be upset, need your help and how to deal with co-workers.